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Need some help whit random stuff.

TheBlueLegionsTheBlueLegions Posts: 3Member
edited November -1 in Working with GS (Mac)
Spawning actors. Hi, i want actors to come in from right side of the screen. But i cant find out how. I want them to come in every 2 seconds or so.

Destroying actors, it will be airplanes and flying things that will be coming in from the side, but i cant get them to destroy when i shoot at them. Any idea what i shuold do? I also want some of them to be able to take more than one hit.

One last thing, i will have my cannon down in the right corner. And i want to know how do i make the planes shoot at me. They dont have to hit every time but just so i can loose lifes.

I just started to use Game Salad so i dont know so much about it. And hoping i will be using it alot.


  • SnowleapordSnowleapord Posts: 77Member
    For the shootin and deleting actors, the easiest would use the shoot em up template and just change the image when done.
    For the spawn, tell it to spawn in the x and y in the rules for the actor

    Last one I don't tell what yu want with it
  • SnowleapordSnowleapord Posts: 77Member
    Last one well that's gonna be hard...
    Well I think you have to make it you cannon : inside screen rule well just.....
    I might have just figured it out, try to make the lplanes shoot say once every second or something like that.

    Hope it helps !!!!
  • TheBlueLegionsTheBlueLegions Posts: 3Member
    Wow, very much appriciated!
    Gonna test these things out, and thanks guys.
  • TheBlueLegionsTheBlueLegions Posts: 3Member
    Tested it now and it works great. Thanks guys
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