Can i upload as soon as i get express?

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Hey guys, I downloaded gamesalad about a week ago. I've been making an iphone game with it and im almost done. I really want to publish it, but I haven't bought the gamesalad express thing yet. When i buy it, can i just upload my game right away?


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    Well, that depends. Did you buy your Apple developer license yet? If not, you need to buy that as well before you can upload games to the App Store.
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    Yes total of 200
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    And before you publish, I would definitely test your game on as many devices as possible, as the difference between the preview in GameSalad Creator and the device can be significant.

    You need to sign up as an Apple iPhone Developer for 99$/year.
    You need to make sure all your banking and tax information is correct as well.

    And you need to buy the express version of GameSalad for 99$/year.

    Altogether, $198+tax

    Once all of that is in place you can submit apps to the App Store.
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