Tracking FPS and scaling game on the fly

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It seems that the vision of my game exceeds the iPhones hardware (at least using GS). I am considering working on a system that monitors the FPS and removes enemy actors based on the framerate - to avoid chugging on different devices configurations.

Has anyone done anything like this in the past? Just curious how it worked out.



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    Not really, but I have put a system in place that simple limits the number of an enemy. I set the limit based on what I saw in the Gs preview. So I played the game in the viewer with no limit and then watched the FPS and determined what I could live with. then I did this:

    ----In the enemy actor
    change game.NumberOfEnemies to game.NumberOfEnemies + 1

    Rule when overlaps with bullet
    change game.NumberOfEnemies to game.NumberOfEnemies - 1

    ----In the spawner
    Rule: when game.NumberOfEnemies is < 30
    Timer Every Random(2,6)
    Spawn enemy

    Just change the 30 to whatever works for you (it will depend on how rule the enemy actor is).
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