Experiment of html5 with "a custom interactive music video".

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The first thing you do when you visit the site is type in your address of where you grew up, and then once it’s all happy and loaded, a video of a guy running down the street begins along with the music. You’re also presented with a window where you can write a letter to your younger selves.
From here on in you don’t have to do anything, just sit back and enjoy. Suddenly all these different windows begin to pop up on your screen in collaboration with the music, some with simple graphics and others with views and streetviews of your hometown courtesy of Google Maps.

This is an interesting experiment of html5 with “a custom interactive music video”. It’s made using HTML5 instead of Flash. According the text, “[HTML5] is in its infancy right now”, and multimedia creator ifunia list a data that “Only 10% of Web video encoded in H.264 or HTML 5, not Flash.” supporting this opinion. So this is just an interesting experiment, if you got some Flash .flv video and want to watch them, maybe you need 3-rd party video converter software to help you.

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