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I'm new to GS and it seems like a pretty cool program. I have a question in regards to GS performance and sprites. Does anyone have a general idea of maximum sprites on screen GS can handle on an iPhone? I know there's a lot of factors that determine performance like pixel size, the specific hardware etc. I'm just looking for ballpark figures.

Any help is greatly appreciated!



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    It really all depends on what those actors (or sprites) do. The more rules they have (and if they have physics requirements)...the more processor they can require. The more graphics they have...the more RAM they can require. So it really is a matter of their complexity and the capabilities of the device playing the app.

    If its a might get a couple hundred going if you design it right. If its a big complex boss might have only a few.
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    I am able to get about 25-30 actors with full physics collision running on an iPhone 2G - the worst of the worst.

    If you don't use the physics system, you can away with much more. My current game does not use the physics system, and I can have about 100 actors in a Scene on an iPhone 2G.

    I try my best to make all my games run on every single device.

    However, if you are just targeting more modern hardware like the iPad and iPhone4, you can have much more going on.
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    Great info! Thanks synthesis and firemaplegames this is exactly what I was looking for. I just wanted a general idea of what I can expect performance wise.

    Thanks again!
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