GS Meetup at KGC2010! 14 September!

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Aloha, everyone...!

Yours truly will be presenting at Korea Games Conference on September 14th at 11:40AM. If you're heading to KGC2010, here's the info on my session:

And! To sweeten the deal, we'll be having an official GameSalad Meetup that same night, outside the COEX Convention Centre. The specific location is TBA, but if you're going to KGC or are in otherwise in Korea that evening, be sure and reserve the evening for GameSalad camaraderie!

I've personally designed a commemorative piece of meetup swag for anyone who shows up, as well. :D


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    I'll be there!

    (in spirit)

    QS :D

    Dr. Sam Beckett never returned home...

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    I can't make it on that date. Crap.

    Well, since I see a yellow post, any info on a pending update?


    HOLY NOSE JOB!: Nesen Probe: Is this the single most unappealing game in the history of GameSalad? I can't seem to give it away! Anywhere. But if anyone want's to try it out, codes are still available near the end of the thread!
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    Okay! Let's meet up at the COEX Food Court at 6:30 PM on this Tuesday, the 14th. This is the circular food court in the mall next to the COEX Convention Centre. To get there from the KGC, find the escalator that goes down to the COEX Mall, level B1. From there, signs will lead you to the food court (it's a big room, hard to miss! ;) )  

    Look for me, I'll be standing in the middle of the food court in a black-and-white GameSalad t-shirt. (I have shorter hair now than I do in my forum pic :D) Hope to see you there!
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    I actually might be a chance to make this....Was planning on going to Korea in September as I have family there.
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