Joystick and Gravity

JoshKahaneJoshKahane Member Posts: 470
edited November -1 in Working with GS (Mac)

So I am trying to make a joystick, but in the mean time I have been experimenting with the pre-made demo one from Codemonkey and it seems I can't have gravity without my joystick going berserk, have you got any fixes for this? Thanks.


  • JoshKahaneJoshKahane Member Posts: 470
    I thought that would mean the joystick would become un-moveable, but it Worked! Thanks!
  • TheTTheT Member Posts: 80
    Hey, I checked this out, but for me the joystick stays "stuck" in the former position as the "snap back" to the middle behavior doesn't work (it's a move to) without movable ticked on.
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