Spawning from an unexpected point

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I set an actor (let's say an igloo) to spawn another actor (say a penguin) when receiving a mouse click.

I then placed several "igloos" around the scene and set the spawn point for the "penguin" to 0-0 relative to the "igloo". In other words, I want the penguin to spawn on top of the igloo, whichever of the 10 igloos was clicked.

However, no matter which igloo I click the penguin appears where the 1st instance of the igloo was placed. I delete the first instance and then it appears where the 2nd instance was placed and so on.

Any ideas what is going on?


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    Any good work arounds?
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    Yes, that's it!

    How did you do it? Or rather, what am I doing wrong?!?

    Oy, I just tried to replace one actor with another through an entirely different set of images and attributes and the 2nd actor spawned where the very first problem I had above had it's first instance. I get the feeling something beyond my typical user error is happening.
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    Thank you for the offer, I'm a little too far along on what I'm working with to do that.

    I tried doing the same experiment you did and I got another odd result, the little green boxes popped up on all the white boxes when I clicked one.

    Could you send me the experiment file for what you did?

    My email is

    Thanks for the help, this has been driving me crazy all day. :)
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    Thanks to tshirtbooth's help I was able to figure it out. I was using "mouse" "down" instead of "touch" "pressed" - once I switched to touch it worked just as intended.

    GG folks - perhaps this is a bug??
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    now i get it.

    Then perhaps I can make a suggestion about the terms:

    "Actor receives event" "mouse button" is "down" can be misunderstood pretty easily. :)

    How about "scene receives event" or something like that?
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