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The White Graphic

Peter_OlafsonPeter_Olafson Posts: 301Member
edited November -1 in Tech Support
Just had an update for an app rejected because of a corrupted graphic. Like in my Chinese Suan Pan(available on itunes ;-) ) the background graphic for PinballU(available on itunes ;-) ) became corrupted during the compiling process.

I have an ipad now and am creating adhocs before uploading to the app store but what's to stop it from working perfect in adhoc and corrupting when the bundle is made for the app store?

Anyone else experiencing this?

Between the slow downs that haven't been fixed since I started using this in April, the dissapearing graphics that gamesalad hasn't fixed since I started using this in April and now corrupted graphics at upload time with this new version... I just don't know. But Apple is going to get a bit upset if I upload future games with white(corrupted) backgrounds.


  • ORBZORBZ Posts: 1,303Member
    Whoa, I haven't experienced that myself. But that does point to the problem with the app build process is not in our control. That's the #1 scary bit for me about GameSalad. The fact that in 6 months I can guarantee that my game will not compile with the latest version of GameSalad and I will be forced to retrofit any/all old games to be compatible with the latest version of GameSalad if I want to publish an update. There is no option for me to publish using an older version. This killed my first game attempt Polexia that worked perfectly w/ version 0.7.2 but after 0.8.0 update it stopped working and I just gave up on it. There was no option for me to go back and use the older version of GameSalad to publish a working copy.

    I expect this will be the same in the future too.

    The control over publishing by Gendai is a totalitarian form of control not even scene by Apple. And it also means that Gendai gets a copy of everyone's source code.

    Nice huh?

    Gendai, you need to give us control over our own publishing schedule, we shouldn't be tied to your publishing servers. That's just wrong.

    This makes me lean towards other tools more than any other feature, even more than the restart bug.

    I can spend months developing a game and Gendai can version shift me and kill me at any moment. I'm forced into constant "keep it up to date" mode with all games. This is why I can't realistically see myself publishing more than 2 or 3 games on GameSalad before the maintenance nightmare would be overwhelming as I try to keep old games up to date.
  • Peter_OlafsonPeter_Olafson Posts: 301Member
    I'm also at the point where I may kill some underperforming apps because of update issues.
  • Peter_OlafsonPeter_Olafson Posts: 301Member
    To clarify, all of my apps are underperforming. :-D But some are more underperforming than others.
  • Peter_OlafsonPeter_Olafson Posts: 301Member
    By the way, an interesting tid-bit, the graphics that go white are always the background graphics so the ones that are 1024x768(or whatever the dimensions are for the ipad). I'm tempted to split them in half or decrease the size by a pixel to see if that fixes any future issues.
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