Gravity Not having Much of an Effect When Using Button

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So I have a ball which is pulled down by gravity (which is what I want) and I want to be able to use a button which moves the ball left/right. I have made this and it works wonderfully. My only issue is that whenever I use the left or right button the gravity seems to only have a tiny effect, but I still want it to keep pulling down at the same rate. How can I make my ball drop faster when using the left and right buttons? Thanks.


  • JoshKahaneJoshKahane Member Posts: 470
    Oh no! I didn't mean to I'm sorry! You have helped me perfectly in the other threads tshirtbooth, I just thought for each of my problems I should have a new thread. You have helped me fix all my other issues, thanks! Each of my threads are different issues, I haven't been abandoning. Sorry if it came across like that.

    Well for the issue in this thread I have managed to sort it, I just added a slightly offset angle so that the left and right buttons actually move me down and across, so it gives the illusion the gravity is still having an effect. Hope that helps if anyone else has the same issue.
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