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GS is just random.

angrybirdangrybird Posts: 8Member
edited November -1 in Tech Support
Everything was working fine, then I put a couple features more in my game (nothing serius, really), then I press the play button and the game screen is just black. Then I try again and again and again to play the game on GS and it still won't work. Then I quit GS, play again and eventually it might work, for a couple msecs.

Any idea what's going on? I'm pretty sure I didn't do anything I shouldn't... My project is already in advanced state and I wouldn't want to port it to another engine (Corona or Unity) at this point...


  • wayneh001wayneh001 Posts: 300Member
    It sounds like you have a bad attribute or broken rule within your project. I would recommend reviewing the last few actors you added to the project and check the rules and behaviours for any missing info.
  • angrybirdangrybird Posts: 8Member
    Hey thank you very much Sous Chef and wayneh001.

    That was a really helpful tip. I had copy-pasted a rule from one actor to another and there was an attribute not present in the new actor. Fixed it and now it's working.
  • realmadrid1012realmadrid1012 Posts: 37Member
    Attribute the error you
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  • VoidedSkyVoidedSky Posts: 1,095Member
    @angrybird, make sure that you are not always saving on top of your old project, keep multiple back ups of your game, so that if one goes corrupt, then you can revert to an older version.
  • angrybirdangrybird Posts: 8Member
    @realmadrid1012, keep on illuding yourself

    @CowTechMan, yeah that's good practice, been doing it
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