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An idea

pnvgordinhopnvgordinho Posts: 21Member
edited November -1 in Introductions
this idea I think cannot be donne with GS but Im going to explain it and maybe somme of you can tell me your opinion about it. Here goes, the official sdk from Apple has a emulator and I thought it would be nice to play the games you bye on a mac computer using a emulator.
Imagine you have a mac mini, you plug it to your big tv screen and play your games on the tv. you would control the games using your iphone/ipod/ipad. Imagine you have a tennis game on itunnes, you play it on the tv and you could use your iphone/ipod as a wiimote. Of course it would be like playing with a real wiimote but it could be fun. One more thing, with the emutator you could have enhanced graphics. Thats it . What do you think about it?.
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