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The ipad as capability of streaming video, So is it possible to do something like what Im going to describe?. Imagine again if you have a mac mini and you have a game like quake and the mac mini instead of sending the video signal to a monitor, it would send it trough wifi to the ipad. The ipad would receive the video stream and it would have controls on screen to play the game. The controls could be sent to the mac mini trough bluetooth. This way Apple could make a partition on the appstore for special games that were made to work with the ipad and we could play very good games using the power of the mac computer. Thats it, what do you think about this one ? crap? . Let me know .


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    I know you can use iPhones/iPod Touches as controllers for some iPad games (Scrabble, at least), so yeah, theoretically it would be possible. Why use the emulator, though? Why not just use them to control Mac games? ;-)
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    You cant play your iphone games on mac, thats what the emulator is for and I for one would like to play somme games I have on my iphone that I dont have on mac. somme millennia ago I had a SNES and I bought the special card that allowed me to play game boy games on the tv. It was a nice thing. If you have somme emulator on your iphone like snes4iphone , would you like to play the games on a tv?.
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    Ah, I see what you mean, playing iPhone games on the big screen. I thought you meant just using them as controllers.

    I have a video out cable for my iPod Touch, works great for videos but for some reason, Apple doesn't allow you to use it for anything else... would be cool.
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    your idea will work but not using GameSalad, there are already apps to translate inputs from the iDevices into the mac.
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    I think you are not getting the picture. If this is feasible then you could play a 3d game like quake on an ipad. remember that the ipad does not have the power to run a game like quake, but using this idea, you could. You would use the ipad to control the game and to watch the graphics stream. The computer would do all the heavy stuff like running the game. Imagine you could play valves portal 2 while you are sitting on your couch. Its like having a portable device with huge power.
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    Use logmein or similar app
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