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How to delete images?

LordTarantorLordTarantor Posts: 890Member, PRO
Hell everybody:
Let say that I get very creative and make all this amazing arts for all my actors and when I actually put it in the actors and try to play the game, notice that its too distracting and that It looks better without any art at all.
I then decided to delete all the art but now I have all this no image with a pink chess board on the back.
How get rid of this and make the actor looks like I have never put an image on them, their original, out of the oven look?


  • hrsmediahrsmedia Posts: 522Member
    You mean revert to white box? I don't think you can do that. Just create a white box in photoshop or whatever and drag it to your actors.
  • jstrahanjstrahan Posts: 498Member
    Delete actor first then delete image
    If u already have the pinks u need to replace the images redraw to actors then delete actor then delete image
  • JackBQuickJackBQuick Posts: 524Member
    Never tried this before (and I wouldn't recommend it) but how about editing the .xml file? See:

    Reordering game.attributes

    Remember to always backup before you do anything risky!
  • jstrahanjstrahan Posts: 498Member
    And im still working on the joystick im getting close just wasnt able to put in a lot of time on it yesterday
  • LordTarantorLordTarantor Posts: 890Member, PRO
    Thanks everybody. I just got an earlier version of the project, before I put the images, with the Time machine.
    Oh I love my mac. So thanks everybody for your ideas.
    Thanks jstrahan Ill be waiting, you are my only hope...
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