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Seems like the table for post crashed. A simple table repair fixed it, I just stayed up late so I didn't get started on the problem until now. Sorry for taking to long to fix the problem.

You may resume your regularly scheduled kvetching and kibitzing. Talk amongst yourselves.


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    tshirtbooth said:
    posts that were made during the black out are not showing up still

    If the table was messed up, that data might not have been recorded.
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    tshirtbooth said:
    but its showing how many posts there were :(

    That data could be recorded in another table. This forum appears to be using using PHP / MySQL. When you make a new post, it's submitted through an HTML form. The PHP process that information, sending it to the MySQL database. It stores information almost like an excel spread sheet. One column is for post counts, post title, post username, user ip, message text, etc.

    Post counts could stored separately... in a different table... so while it's counting new posts, that doesn't mean those posts are being properly stored in the database. I don't currently use bbPress, which is what I think this website uses, but a big part of administrating a vBulletin forum was rebuilding user and forum counts.
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    I highly recommend MyBB. You can set forum privacy on the create a forum page.
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