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I am totally new to drawing graphics.

DanielADanielA Posts: 101Member
Well i have a lot of time on my hands sence i have swine flu and im out of school for a week or so. I want to make good graphics for an iphone game. But im not the best drawer. I look into paying someone to draw for me but how does that work? i pay them to draw 1 image or do they draw 20 of the guy looking left right or how does that work?


  • zombotszombots Posts: 186Member
    they will usually charge by the hour
    i get all my graphics onr by
    check out what they have done for me here
    hope this heaps
  • DanielADanielA Posts: 101Member
    thanks so much for responding back your website and game look very good how much did u end up paying?
  • rtteachrrtteachr Posts: 6Member
    I am an artist, and I charge by the image/project. I take into consideration details, style, and how long it might take. My website is If you are interested contact me.
  • scitunesscitunes Posts: 4,047Member, Sous Chef
    For some of my graphics I use a simple animation program called "pencil." I use it for drawing even though it isn't designed for that because you can important images and then add a second layer and use this "poly-line smoothing" (or something like that) tool that you basically just click along and this tool smooths out the line. So lets say I want to draw a cartoon person. I may take an actual photograph of a real person and trace over the key facial features by just clicking along as I go and the tool draws a nice straight line. Then I hide the photo layer and export the drawing layer. then I open it in photoshop and use photoshop tools to add details (gradients, layer effects, ect.). Basically you can take artwork that you like and use pencil to trace it and put your own style on it. It seems like it may fall into that gray area of copyright infringement, but I try to just use the borrowed image as a guide and not completely copy it.
  • davnielidavnieli Posts: 18Member
    thanks so much for ur answers and rtteachr i might talk to you soon
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