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Hey guys my first app is in the app store and I need your support, reviews

LordTarantorLordTarantor Posts: 890Member, PRO
Hello everybody:
During the last 2 month ( since I met GS ) I been asking questions an probably a couple of you like maybe quantumsheep will say harassing (sorry for asking you so many times but thanks for your support a patience and for always being there) but the end result is here.
Now I just started the 2nd part, promoting it. I been trying to make the CHUPACABRAS visible in a lot of sites.
But now I need reviews and since I am part of a great community why not start here.
I already have one review thanks to Chosenonestudio but I need all the help I can get.
You don't have to buy the game I am only asking for reviews so if you send me an email at: [email protected] or if you write your email here I will send you a promo code so you can play the CHUPACABRAS and leave a review.
Thanks a lot


  • peachpellenpeachpellen Posts: 977Member
    Same here - might take me a day or two as I often have issues with iTunes for some reason, but I'll definitely review it within a day or two.

    My email is my name here at gmail :)
  • LordTarantorLordTarantor Posts: 890Member, PRO
    Hi everybody:
    just a few more, please...
    I still can only see one review from Chosenonestudio.
    CHUPACABRAS needs your support to get more cabritas to feed his family...
  • LordTarantorLordTarantor Posts: 890Member, PRO
    Thanks Mrguga for your review. I don't know if you are from this forum but thanks I really appreciate it.
  • joey2ejoey2e Posts: 99Member

    Id be more than happy to review it :)

    My e-mails [email protected]

  • LordTarantorLordTarantor Posts: 890Member, PRO
    Thanks Joe.
    I just sent you the email.
    I really appreciate this and I hope you like it.
    Thank you so much.
  • ToastKittenToastKitten Posts: 360Member
    It's a cool game, I liked it a lot! The storyline makes the game, I thought it was wickedly creative and undeniably funny! There's a bunch of games inside of it too, all of which use pretty interesting mechanics.

    I'd sincerely recommend buying it.

    Having said that, it should be a no brainer! Email for a promo code, do yourselves a favor ;)
  • peachpellenpeachpellen Posts: 977Member
    Hey, just so you know I haven't DLed it yet as I'm having some of my ever-so-frequent iTunes Store issues, but I'll try again when I wake up - just unwinding before bed now.

    Just so you don't think I've forgotten about you :P
  • LordTarantorLordTarantor Posts: 890Member, PRO
    Oh thanks peach I really appreciate it and don't worry whenever you can is going to be great.
    I hope you like it.
    Thanks again.
  • realmadrid1012realmadrid1012 Posts: 37Member
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  • LordTarantorLordTarantor Posts: 890Member, PRO
    Thanks for the review peach. I really appreciate it.

    Hey I need more people to play my game and leave a review.
    Please write me at: [email protected]
    or leave your email to send you a promo code of CHUPACABRAS.
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