BUG - Actor visibility wraps but collision/touch area does not.

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I have asked about this before but after a lot of testing, I can't find a way around it and I assume that this is not supposed to happen.

As I said in the title I can see the actor wrapping but can't interact with the section of the actor that is appearing back through the other side of the screen.

When I am using constrain self.position.X to game.touch1.X I find that I can't release actor half way through the edge of the scene and grab it from the opposite edge. In the image below I have circled the areas that do not respond.


Hope somebody can help me as this is a major flaw in the basics of my game. Thanks


  • UtopianGamesLtdUtopianGamesLtd Member Posts: 120
    Yeah i posted about this a while back :(

  • RHRH Member Posts: 1,079
    Bumma :(

    Did you ever find a work around?
  • RHRH Member Posts: 1,079
    So much for tech support! It's just one more reason why I'm not purchasing my GS license yet!
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