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ShpintShpint Member Posts: 404
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Ok, so I'm registering my domain with GoDaddy.com
It says $11.99/yr, good deal. Does that cost also include web hosting?
or do I need to also register for it in the Website Hosting ($6.99/mth) as well?

What's making me unsure about this is the "Get your domain for only $1.99 when apply for one of the offer below" text.
Offer below =
Web Email
Website Hosting

Thank You


  • ChaserChaser Member Posts: 1,453
    i pay $5 a month with them which includes private registration 5 pages and 2000mb traffic

    i think the one you mention does have basic web hosting of 5 pages
  • ShpintShpint Member Posts: 404
    I can still use my website without the extra Web Hosting cost right? (as in, it is already included in 12/yr one)
  • TouchTiltGamesTouchTiltGames Member Posts: 1,162
    Read the information on their site...
  • ShpintShpint Member Posts: 404
    The thing is, I can't find it.
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