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Google Adsense and how it works?

EminemEminem Posts: 667Member
How does google adsense work? My friend is making 2347$ a day but I don't know if he's lying or not , does it make a lot of money? Etc


  • BarkBarkCoBarkBarkCo Posts: 1,400Member
    That's a lot! Is it revenue from ads on his website?
  • GRIDGRID Posts: 30Member
    On a website, Adsense just reads the content of the page, displays relevant adverts.

    Advertisers pay google $x / click and when someone clicks on their advert from your website you get a cut of the money.

    $2000+ / day from Adsense is, quite honestly, unbelievably high. He would need to be getting ~2million visits a day, or a very VERY high Click Through Rate (and still a very high number of visitors), as I think average CPM (the amount you make on average for every 1,000 impressions) is $1 - $2


    Although Top 100 free apps have been quoted to make $400 - $5,000 / day from iAds, but the CPM is apparently remarkably higher for iPhone apps than websites.
  • TyvanTyvan Posts: 29Member
    I dabbled in internet marketing for a few years and I can tell you he is not making that much. He could be making in the thousands but he would need many high PR sites.

    Like GRID said, he would have to be getting google like traffic (not really but) to make that much money per day.

    He is joking with you my friend. =)
  • EminemEminem Posts: 667Member
    I sort of guessed that but he sent me screenshots and everything! And. Also a video! :P

    He said he posted the ads on Facebook and u know how much people have Facebook!
  • GRIDGRID Posts: 30Member
    Screenshots and a video? Sounds like one of those 'get-rich-quick-scams' :D In fact, sounds like something called adsense arbitrage.
  • EminemEminem Posts: 667Member
    I searched and searched and u guys are right he must of done something to "hack" into the system and somehow make it show that he got that much but in the end he gets $0
  • BreezeonholdBreezeonhold Posts: 187Member
    Thats a lot of money a day however it's possible. It all depends on what keywords he is using in his website and how much traffic he is getting.

    I know of multiple people that make way more than 2,000 in a day with adsense but why don't you just go over to your friends house and get him to log into his account and see the true proof :D
  • EminemEminem Posts: 667Member
    Hahahaha good idea! I will but he doesn't have a website all he does is he sponsors his adds on multiple websites like Facebook, blogs, etc
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