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Artistic Services avaliable

TaidakenTaidaken Posts: 271Member
Hey there everyone, ive been noticing more and more lately, people offering there artistic services for everyone here on gamesalad forums. i myself is a somewhat talented artist and thought i might aswel offer my services to anyone needed graphics for there games aswel.
Im very flexible money wise and willing to do samples aswel.

I have a website (roughly chucked together) with a few samples of my work. i can range from most styles of art aswel. anyway let me know if your interested at [email protected] im keen to help anyone.

heres the website link also


  • GingerBGamesGingerBGames Posts: 390Member
    What are your rates? I need sprites for a top-down football game? I've been contacting a few people about this, to compare rates. I need the basic lineman, and a quarterback, wide receivers, linebackers, and defensive back, a field goal place kicker, and a kicker.
  • TaidakenTaidaken Posts: 271Member
    hmm, not quite sure what my rates are lol, im basically just starting out, im quite flexible, usually ill just do some samples, and you look at them and tell me what ur willing to pay for my work. since i dont really know what the going rate is. but i love drawing and doing things like this. so if your interested just drop me a message at my email with details of what you want and ill get some samples together for you to check out.

    ( sorry for the late reply my internet has been out for the last two days)
  • beefy_clyrobeefy_clyro Posts: 5,390Member
    I have recently used Syd for some art and he acted very professionally and delivered what was asked of him
  • juzcookjuzcook Posts: 259Member
    Just finished up working with Syd for the splash screen of my current project. As Beefy said above, he was very professional, and sent regular updates and changes of everything I wanted so I could see how the process was going. The final piece came out looking amazing, although I can't reveal it until my project is finished ;) Very easy to work with, and will more than likely use him again for other projects in the future. Recommended! Thanks again!
  • TaidakenTaidaken Posts: 271Member
    thanks guys for the comments, much appreciated :D it was fun doin art for yous.
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