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cbradio84cbradio84 Posts: 3Member
edited November -1 in Introductions
Hello GameSalad Dev's and User's

I just signed up, and purchased the Indie package from Game Salad.

I tried it out last week for about 6 hours, and enjoyed it, a little confusing, but compared to my previous Xcode Projects (That are not games) This is by far the easiest to use!!

I have gone abouts creating the first level to my game, which I call Red Neck Shooter,

a simple Tap Object to Shoot APP, with a high score, no LIVES, or RELOAD Weapon yet, however that may come in future updates, If I can learn from other examples

but have used various attributes/integers/music and created my own graphics and template graphics form 3rd party sites just for devlopment, the final product will have custom Explosions and Objects created by me using photoshop, like my main menu, background,
clouds etc.

I used Garageband, with the royalty free music collection kit that apple has provided for my main menu background music, as for Level1, that is a linkin park song, which was my first sound test, of playing and stoping music.
Here is the link to it

any tips resources would be great, as I said this is literally my first application, well game application for Game Salad.

I could also see how gamesalad can be used for other functions then just games, however could be complex

I cannot wait to see what future updates to the Game Salad Software will bring, since the recent release/open of Apple iPhone SDK for 3rd party Developer's, maybe we might get other features soon. I look forward to these ones

- in-app purchase
- push notification
-game centre, or heck even openfeint!

well hope to join on this community a bit

Great videos tshirtbooth!! they have really inspired me, to help develop my application.


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