Collision working in editor/preview, but not on device

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Can anyone throw any light on this....

My collision in my game is working fine on the editor when I preview it, but seems to be completely missing/not working when I try the game on the viewer, or put a test build on the device.

Its as if its losing the collision info in the compile/export process....

Please tell me its something easy to fix, and that i dont have to restart my project from scratch and redo all the collision placement again.....

cheers for any assistance....


  • ChunkypixelsChunkypixels Member Posts: 1,114
    Well i got the collision to work, simply by deleting the "collide with" out of the main actor, and then dragging a new one in.... suddenly the collision is fine on the viewer/device.

    But now my previously working score and button presses arent working, and I havent touched the actors....

    Im guessing Ive got some sort of corruption in my project file.... Its strange though as everything is working fine on the editor preview, but seems to be freaking out when I do it with the viewer or put a build on the device.

    Im going to go back to see if I have an earlier clean build that doesnt seem to have the issue.
  • ChunkypixelsChunkypixels Member Posts: 1,114
    So...the game seems to be broken on all my older versions, and Im getting nowhere going through everything..... and with it all working fine on the editor preview its making it impossible for me to find whats wrong with it in the exported versions.

    So T-shirt, if your still willing to give the project file a look over, before i have to scrap it all and start again, then that would be appreciated.

    Whats your email address to send the file to?
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