A possible promotion tool for iPhone apps?

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I'm building a pixel art-style game in GameSald (blog -> http://www.fistsofdoom.com) and am experimenting with marketing it using a system I developed this year. I'm posting here because I'm curious if other developers would share their opinion...is this cool, potentially effective, ridiculous, etc..

The system is called ittybitty8bit and uses JavaScript to render pixel art on iPhones in Safari. I built it bc I love pixel art and wanted create animations I could send to my friends on their iPhones. Some friends showed an interest in using ittybitty8bit for their projects... and now I'm building a game and of course want use it myself.

It runs in Safari on an iPhone. On your desktop, it runs thru a Facebook app in any browser that handle's Facebook. For an example, go to the following url using either your iPhone (fun!) or desktop browser (still fun, but will redirect to the ittybitty Facebook app).


I'm planning on creating these web apps on a regular basis to introduce the characters in the game and hopefully create some pre-release interest. They are released via Twitter, Facebook and SMS opt-in via ittybitty8bit.com. The last one will have a BIG link to the game once it's in the App Store (crossing fingers).

One requirement... all art in the web app must be pixel art style due to the way the JavaScript is rendering the screen. This works for me bc my game matches the style... don't know about other art styles.

So what do you think? Sorry for the long post... but I've been working on this for a while and am just now wondering if I'm crazy or is this something interesting?


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    I think your idea is a good one. I am not sure if anyone knows more than anyone else how to market apps beyond the traditional routes, so your approach may well work as it seems appealing and a bit of a first. Anyway, good luck and I shall be watching to see how you get on.

    cheers kipper
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