Help with randomized sound based game.

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hello everyone.

I’m very new to gamesalad and programming in general so please feel free to speak plainly.

I’m trying to build an iphone game that works with timers, sounds, and the accelerometer.

If anyone could point me in the right direction (tutorials, forum posts, tactics, etc) it would most appreciated.

Basically this is how I would like the game to work:

Different sound files would play randomly in either the right or left channel. (game would have to be played with headphones)

The user would then have 0.7 seconds to move the iphone to right or left.
if sound played on right side then X axis must be > 0.5
if sound played on left side then X axis must be < -0.5

If the player doesn’t move before 0.7 then a life will subtract and the process repeats until all 3 lives have expired.

Also I’d like a success counter so that the player wins when they respond properly 10 times.

Thanks in advance... I'm looking forward to contributing fun games and ideas to this environment
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