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Sound based game

dmaredmare Posts: 7Member
hello everyone.

I’m very new to gamesalad and programming in general so please feel free to speak plainly.

I’m trying to build an iphone game that works with timers, sounds, and the accelerometer.

If anyone could point me in the right direction (tutorials, forum posts, tactics, etc) it would most appreciated.

Basically this is how I would like the game to work:

Different sound files would play randomly in either the right or left channel. (game would have to be played with headphones)

The user would then have 0.7 seconds to move the iphone to right or left.
if sound played on right side then X axis must be > 0.5
if sound played on left side then X axis must be < -0.5

If the player doesn’t move before 0.7 then a life will subtract and the process repeats until all 3 lives have expired.

Also I’d like a success counter so that the player wins when they respond properly 10 times.

I figured out how to get the sounds to play randomly, but creating a rule that subtracts a life if they don't move in the proper direction has been giving me some trouble. So any pointers at all would be helpful.

Thanks in advance... I'm looking forward to contributing fun games and ideas to this environment


  • BackUpAndDownBackUpAndDown Posts: 685Member
    Sounds like a audio version of my visual light game. =P

    I don't think you can specify the pan of the audio... you should probably figure that out before you worry about anything else.
  • dmaredmare Posts: 7Member
    Yeah the structure is very similar just instead of random color, it will be random sounds. And instead of the hitting the arrows the user will have to move their phone's accelerometer X axis past a certain point.

    We also want to put in random fake sounds to throw the user off and to add atmosphere.

    ... I know we can't specify panning inside of gamesalad, so we are hoping we can use different sound clips, like 'action_leftchannel.mp3' & 'action_rightchannel.mp3'....

    ... but the problem we are running into is that the left and right sounds keep playing at the same time (interrupting each other) even though the they are both set to play randomly.

    Is there a way to get them to wait for the other to be finished?

    ... also I'm not sure how to set up the "rule" so that the player only has a certain amount of time to respond otherwise they lose a life.

    Right now the player loses a life as soon as the game starts and then the sound clips play randomly but no lives are subtracted as a consequence of not reacting.

    ... Like I said earlier I'm very new to the environment, so my mistakes are probably very amateurish, but any advice or examples anyone can share would be greatly appreciated.
  • scorelessmusicscorelessmusic Posts: 565Member
    Actually, there is an option in GS that does positional sound, it's the "Positional Sound" option. Try playing with that.

    In a nutshell, if the actor that plays the sound is more on the left, with positional sound on, the sound will pan left. etc.

    Hope that helps ^_^
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