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icon for Party Popper! any feedbacks..?!

POMPOM Posts: 2,599Member
ok so this is the icon i made for my game Party Popper! , the game is finished and all that is left is an icon and write a description, so i like to hear your opinion...


the cake and the spider are characters from the game ( there is no main character so i just picked)


  • UtopianGamesLtdUtopianGamesLtd Posts: 120Member
    Not sure tbh, might look better without the spider?

  • JCFordJCFord Posts: 785Member
    its a bit big to see, post it at actual icon size.
  • POMPOM Posts: 2,599Member
    cake only? its not a cooking game ;)
  • firemaplegamesfiremaplegames Posts: 3,206Member
    I agree with Darren... I would lose the spider. Spiders crawling all over food is a pretty big turn off.

    I would enlarge the cake, and make the oranges behind it more vibrant. Some more yellows to make it 'pop'.
  • POMPOM Posts: 2,599Member
    by the way, the spider (and all other characters in the game) is an animal balloon..
  • scitunesscitunes Posts: 4,047Member, Sous Chef
    Try some other characters and post them for feedback. I think the idea of animal balloons for an icon could be very cool. The black spider just doesn't look like a balloon at icon size.

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  • POMPOM Posts: 2,599Member
    i actually thought it was nice, but i listen to the pro's (you guys) and try to make a new one..
    nothing beats experience

    what do you think about the logo POM ?
    (my profile pic) it will be the second splash screen
    right after GS.
  • expired_012expired_012 Posts: 1,802Member
    @p-o-m, I like your logo a lot. The icon though, I think you need to re-do the whole thing, just doesn't look good enough, and it's a bit confusing

    Could you post some info about the game or some screenshots?
    Right now I'm only judging it on it's appearance, but I need to see or hear the concept of the game to see if an icon like that would fit the game.
  • POMPOM Posts: 2,599Member
    @artonskyblue thank you for trying to help..

    (sorry for my english in advanced)

    here are some screenshots of the gameplay :

    here you see long balloons, they come in different shapes and to pop a balloon you need to
    slide your finger across it, from edge to edge.
    you also see the punching box at the right top, its a timer for popping a balloon, the player have 5 seconds to pop ANY balloon otherwise the puncher will punch your score and you loose 1 life (lives left are the sparklers at the top left - you start with 3)

    there are also motion balloons - shake flip and tilt - each with a unique shape and to pop them you need to perform the SHAKE/FLIP/TILT .

    here you can see the cake which is falling from the top of the screen and if the player touches it, he loses 1 life (one sparkle is flying) , the red line is blinking twice 1 sec before the cake is falling, and at the position of the fall , like a warning sign.

    there are 7 boss modes- here are some screenshots of them:




    basically its a non stop action game with slides all over the screen, shake, flip and tilt, and crazy boss modes ,

    so where were we?!?! oh right..... THE ICON ISSUE.... ;)
  • quantumsheepquantumsheep Posts: 8,188Member
    The dog - use the balloon dog for your icon!

    QS :D

    Dr. Sam Beckett never returned home...

  • evopanopevopanop Posts: 41Member
    I would have to agree with quantum. Use the balloon dog from the second to last screenshot, along with the background in that screenshot - including the streamers and stuff floating around in the background. I know it's a tight fit, but I'd try fitting in a shooting sparkler or two. :)

    Good luck, and the game looks awesome by the way!
  • quantumsheepquantumsheep Posts: 8,188Member
    Yep - you can try and make the dog's body a little shorter so that overall it's more 'square' and will fit on the icon better! ;)

    Dr. Sam Beckett never returned home...

  • butterbeanbutterbean Posts: 4,315Member, PRO
    Absolutely, and the color contrast with the balloon dog in red, and the blue background looks really good.

    I would do that as an icon :)
  • POMPOM Posts: 2,599Member
    ok ill give it a try... thanks @butterbean , @evopanop and @QS .

    by the way, after seeing some screenshots and gameplay, your opinion of the original icon has changed?
  • VoidedSkyVoidedSky Posts: 1,095Member
    I think that you should use one of the ballon animals from the game for the icon.
  • POMPOM Posts: 2,599Member
    hey guys , i know the community is freaking out for the updates , but still we need to continue working on our projects. so if you can please post your opinion about this..

    i came up with this icon, (after consulting with you guys) , so what do you think? is it gonna make you click?

  • VoidedSkyVoidedSky Posts: 1,095Member
    It's MUCH better!
    Btw, I can't wait till your game is out, I'd love to check it out!
  • POMPOM Posts: 2,599Member
    thank you :) i hope you'll like it !
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