Gamesalad Viewer.

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/Users/hongkongjackson/Desktop/iphone-viewer-0.8.9/GameList.xib:0:0 ibtool failed with exception: Interface Builder encountered an error communicating with the iPhone Simulator. If you choose to file a crash report or radar for this issue, please check for crash reports for "Interface Builder Cocoa Touch Tool" and include their content in your crash report.



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    And it makes no sense! I'm not using the simulator, I'm trying to get it on my device!
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    Will the GS Viewer still work when the whole GS Direct Debacle occurs?
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    Tshirtbooth I got that error following that video!
  • so i joined, and no gamesalad viewer as it says on the homepage!!! It says

    "Once you've joined the GameSalad Membership Program, you will receive a link to download GameSalad Viewer for iPhone"
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    First, click on your name in the upper right corner.
    Then, click the manage portfolio in the upper right corner.

    Your should see the viewer in there.
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