$0.99 Or $1.99

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Which one would reel in more money?

I was thinking 0.99 but 1.99 would be much better

Does anyone know?


  • EminemEminem Member Posts: 667
    Tsb thanks for reply, have u found more money with 1.99 or .99
  • eliehangeliehang Member, PRO Posts: 105
    It depends on the quality of your game really. Statistic shows that people buy more expensive game than .99 games but reason being that the games looked legit.
  • expired_012expired_012 Member Posts: 1,802
    If your game looks really well and you are confident that it does, then put it for 1.99, because chances are that if someone liked your app, 0.99 to 1.99 wouldn't make too much of an impact in the decision of that user buying it or not.

    Some people, however, debate over whether or not they should buy a certain 0.99 app, and when the user has to debate like that, they are most likely not going to buy it if it were 1.99
  • JamesZeppelinJamesZeppelin Member Posts: 1,927
    If there is a big hype and thousands of people are waiting for your game 1.99

    If you are relying on people discovering it .99

    Pretend you are browsing the app store...

    You aren't sure what to buy but you came across 4 or 5 games you might download.
    (which is typical, since there are so many)

    Three are .99 cents and one is 1.99 but, they all look equally good.
    Which one would you pick.... I'd guess you would at least narrow it down to one of the .99

    Bottom line... .99
    Keep it real, Slim!!!
  • EminemEminem Member Posts: 667
    Lol! Thx guys I guess it won't matter how much the price is because if someone wanted it then they would pay an extra .99
  • jweaver911jweaver911 Member Posts: 439
    Yeah I think what Arton said has a lot of weight to it. Weirdly enough I am testing this theory right now with one of my games. I launched it for two weeks at .99 and it went up yesterday to 1.99. The launch price did pretty poorly and yesterday my sales did go up. I hoping this is not just a coincidence though.
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