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Taylor Calderone, Composer of Trace and Gomi for iOS, available for hire!

spacecowgoesmoospacecowgoesmoo Posts: 4Member
Name: Taylor Calderone
Expected Compensation: Paid
Contact Information: [email protected]
Previous Projects:

I'm currently part of a 2 man iPhone game developer team, and I'm looking to take on some more composing work on the side. Our company is Bovinedragon Software, developers of the popular iPhone games Trace and Gomi. I've been heavily involved in the iPhone gaming scene since day 1, and have a lifetime of experience playing and listening to video games.

If you're interested in hearing some examples of my music, you can hear it in action by downloading Trace, Gomi, or Gomi Lite from the App Store. In addition, the upcoming Trace 2 OST is posted on my website in its entirety, along with the full Trace OST, Gomi OST, and a fourth RPG soundtrack I've just finished up on now.

Trace - iTunes Game, Online OST
Gomi - iTunes Game, HD iPad Version, Demo Version, Online OST
Trace 2 - Online OST
Sekaiju - Online OST

Finally, here's some quick links to some highlights of my work:
Sekaiju : An Etrian Odyssey Fan Soundtrack
Labyrinth V - The Stars Will Still Guide Us
Labyrinth IV - Garden of Red Roses
Labyrinth II - The Dark Violet Woodlands

Trace 2
Trace² - Title Screen
Geode - World 3
Cloud - World 5
Tower - World 8

Metropolis - World 1
Frozen Wonderland - World 3
Forest Fire! - Boss Battle 2
Desolation- World 8
Of Our Own Creation- Final Boss
Beautiful World - Credits

Trace - Title Screen
Paint - World 1
Space - World 6

If you've played Trace or Gomi and liked what you heard, please PM me or contact me at [email protected] I look forward to helping my fellow indie devs make their games the best they can be :).


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