1000 Sound Files For $10

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Would you pay $10 for 1,000 Royalty Free sound files? I'm thinking of making something similar to a clip art CD, but for sound files.


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    No chance of getting sued?

    Free to use in any game?

    No credation? (My made up word.)

    Hell yes!
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    I vote yes but also wouldn't mind giving credit -- that only seems fair.
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    Yeah, in fact I wouldn't be that bothered to give credit or not.

    Having more people in the credits makes you look pro. :L
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    Yes. Definitely. Would be great to have on hand!
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    Yes please if you could add some nature sounds as well as some animal sounds including chickens but not limited to roosters lol. I would buy and give credit also in my finished product. Some music files would be awesome especially if it has catchy music like Angry Birds, Bumps, and Cut the Rope I would pay more then $10 for that.
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    Now that Annoyed Tomatoes is complete, I'm planning to work on the Audio CD. I doubt there will be animal sounds though. Heh, it's not easy to find live farm animals on Staten Island.
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    Guess I'll need to cash in my ash tray change
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    I've started work on this project... 3 down 997 to go. HA HA! :-)
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    Saturday, October 23, 2010 Progress Report — I'm really pleased with the quality of the sound effects, but I'm disappointed with the speed of production. The plan is to create 100 sound files per day, to finish the project by November 1, 2010. Today, I was only able to add 15 sounds files to the project folder.

    15 down 985 to go

    It was the start of the project. I had some problems getting my equipment ready. It's also a Saturday. The weather was nice. It was hard to get motivated. Although, I started getting better at creating sound effects towards the end of the day. One of the biggest problems is creating an area of silence. I don't want to just throw together 1000 sound files. These are sound files that I might use in my own games one day. I've included some files from my previous GameSalad projects, but I modified most of them for better sound quality.

    The "Chirping Bird" sound was an unexpected bonus. This bird started singing, so I recorded it.

    I'm having a lot of fun with this project. I think the quality of the sound files reflects that. I think this collection of sounds could be very helpful to independent game developers and movie makers. Thanks for voting in the poll. It's great to see that so many people are interested in this project.
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    Photics said:
    Would you pay $10 for 1,000 Royalty Free sound files? I'm thinking of making something similar to a clip art CD, but for sound files.

    Is this going to be something that you are going to release, have your audio mark at the beginning of each and then claim 49% royalties in the near future when you've sold a shed load of them because it's soo cheap ;)

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    There's no trickery here. The plan is to create 1,000 Royalty Free sound effects. That's basically 10¢ per file. You might not use all of the files, but I've seen single sound files go for well over $1 each. With that math, if you use 10 files – out of the 1,000 in the package – then it's probably a good value.

    I'm planning to sell it just like the textbook... order through Google Checkout from a Photics.com web page, to get an email with download information. The license will be for a single developer. That means you can make as many games as you want with the sound files. (If you're going to use the files in a client's project, and that app is not published under your developer name, they will need their own license.)

    The idea is that you'll be so happy with the sound files that you'll want to order more. If the project is successful, I could make other sound packs. I'm thinking that those sound packs will be $10 each too. If it's really hard to create 1000 sound files, I might charge more for future packs. But right now, the goal is to create the first sound pack... 1000 royalty free sound files for $10.

    The delivery method is digital download. I might sell the sound files on a CD, but that would likely cost extra.
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    Sounds great! I can't wait to get these sounds!
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    tshirtbooth said:
    You said 0.10 per file. It's only 0.01 per file :)
    This will be a handy cd to have that is for sure.

    Ha, it is 1¢ per audio file...

    $10 / 1000 = $0.01

    I think I was having something of mental block. That seems like a tremendous value. Maybe this is a crazy idea. Well, I'm not a shady business man. The project goal is 1000 sound files for $10. A mathematical error is not going to change that.

    It's not a CD though... it's a digital download.
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    Monday, October 25, 2010 Progress Report — I only have 42 sound files recorded. That's well below where I should be. I was thinking that I would have 200 sound files by now. Although, I don't want to make junk sounds. For example, I'm not making 10 different versions of the same sound. You can do that on your own by using the "Pitch", "Volume" and "Positional Sound" settings in GameSalad.

    The project is taking longer than expected because I'm trying to create sound effects that are really good. I'm imaging the games I can create with these sounds. It's impressive. It's been said that pride is a sin. I think not. I'm trying to create a collection of sounds that I can be proud of. I think the finished product is easily worth more than $10. I'm not changing the parameters of this project... 1000 Royalty Free sounds for $10... and I'm trying to finish by the first week of November.
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    Hi Photics,

    I would say that creating 100 high quality sounds per day is probably impossible (lol) - your focus on high quality is what will make this product do well, and be really useful to us. I look forward to it, but no rush - sounds that aren't good enough to use could fill websites (in fact, they do), and aren't of any use to me! :)

    BTW - the book was a godsend - I was just looking around wondering when somebody was going to do one - I ordered it the moment I saw it a couple weeks ago, and have been enjoying it ever since. Thanks!
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    gleznov said:
    I would say that creating 100 high quality sounds per day is probably impossible
    I don't think it's impossible, but I haven't been able to do it yet. Heh. Right now, I hit a milestone. I have 100 sound files in total. I think they're pretty cool. I can imagine them being used in sci-fi games, spooky games, cooking games and fighting games. The "hit-1.wav" sound file is really impressive to me. It has a powerful impact sound.
    BTW - the book was a godsend - I was just looking around wondering when somebody was going to do one - I ordered it the moment I saw it a couple weeks ago, and have been enjoying it ever since. Thanks!

    Hey, that's great to know. I'm working hard on the audio files, so that they build on the reputation of the textbook. The book seems to have helped a lot of people with GameSalad game creation. I think these sound files can be helpful too. During the last four days, I only have 100 sounds that I feel are good enough for publishing. (I'm being picky too.) Considering the amount of work that's going into this project, $10 seems like a tremendous value.
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    It's nice to have people like Photics in the GS community, to help, and provide so many resources for all of us other GSers. Thanks Photics!
    I can't wait till the sounds are out!
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    Wednesday November 3, 2010 Progress Report — This project is taking much longer than I expected. I only have 170 sounds. I'm impressed with a lot of them though. I'm planning to work on this project more aggressively over the next week.
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    So impressed with your determination, Photics! I'll be buying a set for certain. (If it'll be via Paypal as I'm a UK resident). :-)

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    Cool beans man
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    Friday, November 5, 2010 Progress Report — The plan is being revised. Apparently, 1000 sound files take up a significant amount of storage space... even if most of them are less than 1 second long. It's also taking much longer to create the sound files than I expected. And as tshirtbooth mentioned, it's not 10¢ per sound file. (On some sound files sites, it could cost well more than $1 per sound.)

    The new plan is 500 sound files for $10. That's 2¢ per sound file, with an estimated file size of 45-50 MB. I think that's still a tremendous value for this collection of royalty free sounds. I've been working on this project for the last two weeks. If you were to do this yourself, it would likely take days. That doesn't even count the amount of money spent on this project. It wasn't a tremendous amount of money, but I went to local stores looking for inexpensive things to make sounds with.

    Coconut - I didn't like the sound of this, so it wasn't used
    Can of soda - great sounds and I got to drink the soda
    Christmas Bell - going on my Christmas tree
    Whistle - could be useful in emergencies, or sports

    I've been visiting family members, rummaging through their stuff, in search of good sound effects. I'm especially pleased with the "Hit" collection. The "hit-1.wav" file is one of my favorite sounds in the entire collection. It's a very strong sound. It reminds me of Street Fighter II and Final Fight.

    I'm also pleased with the "thwack" sounds, as it reminds me of an old Bruce Lee movie. Heh, when I was finished with one of those sounds I said, "whoa... I know kung-fu."

    Another highlight... the ocean. I live on an island. I went to the water to record authentic ocean sounds. If I'm remembering correctly, it was the last nice day of the year. The temperature was in the 70's... very nice... good weather and good sounds.

    Lots of the sounds in this collection are loops!

    I'm planning to wrap this project up by November 10, 2010. That's when the sound files should be available at Photics.com.
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    Sounds great. I'm looking forward to taking a look.

    sorry if this already got covered, but what format are these sound files in?
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    pilot.awk15 said:
    what format are these sound files in?

    They are all .wav files, mono, 44100Hz
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    what equipment / mic / etc are you recording them with?
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    Rob2 said:
    what equipment / mic / etc are you recording them with?

    That's secret information. I've been using a lot of tricks to create good sound effects. Here's what I will state — no animals were harmed in the making of this project... but Rice Krispies were not as fortunate.
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    We need someone to do this kind of thing with game graphics =)

    Have graphic packs available for DL... I suck at graphics & they are dang expensive to buy custom ones. Have like vehicle packs...sci-fi packs...fantasy packs... etc....

    Just a thought for any artist out there =)
  • JGary321JGary321 Member Posts: 1,246
    Yea, I remember back when I first started the future gameplan was for a GS Marketplace, but I bet it's a long way off...
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