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Search iTunes Now - B.A-Official Mr T

You have heard the imitations, but let's face it THERE IS ONLY ONE REAL MR T !!!!!!!! This app is the real Mr T, containing audio specially recorded by the man himself. The app includes: 2 SOUNDBOARDS: Classic and new Mr T outbursts such as "quit your jibba jabba" " life is a series of chin ups, so keep your eyes on the price" "if you have a problem, if no one else can help and if you can find me, maybe you can hire Mr T fool" " I pity the fool" T TALKS: Give Mr T a tap or shake and provoke him into action: If you are ever stuck for something to say then T will talk and help you out with such outbursts as: "keep you chin up" "there's no messing with the first name Mr, middle name Period, last name T! "Shut up fool" "Stop being somebody's fool and start being somebody" MOBILE TONES: In the app we also provide you with access to B.A-Official Mr T Tones: Ringtones: These are over 20 seconds long in classic T Style. Wake Up: "Nobody sleeps on T Time"!! This classic Mr T wake up alarm will get you out of bed without doubt! Alert: We have thrown in a Mr T alert tone also for your iPhone. For just 59p you can now feel safe that you can carry Mr T in your pocket wherever you go... What are you waiting for fool !!!!
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