Addicted...HD available now for iPad! (PROMOS)

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    Here's some background on this very weird app.

    I have a separate Apple dev account for games that promote my band, ten speed taxi. We are four guys that play all original music. I write about half the songs the other guitarist about 1/3 and what ever the hell fraction is left is written by the drummer (lyrics only. He's the drummer, 'nuf said). Our music is blend rock, country (not the new crap that is really pop with fiddles), alternative, a bit of reggae, a bit of world beats, and if I'm drunk enough hip-hop (need to be really wasted!).

    When trying to come up with band names we nearly killed each other from the frustration of it. Our frustration eventually led to a "who gives a $h1t" attitude and we started coming up with joke names. One set of names were based on our first names. The best all revolved around the other guitarist in the band, Doug. So we considered (not really) "Doug Induced Coma", "The Doug Addicts", "Doug Dealers", and the list went on.

    I thought it would fun to take this to whole other level by making games that made fun of Doug.

    This game is possibly the best game I have made. It has TOUCH TO LIVE style game play with four unlockable mini-games, unlockable weapons (shots from the bar), and awards to try and unlock. The controls are VERY smooth and I think it's a lot fun to play.

    Hope you enjoy.

    P.S. - I hope to have a iPhone version out soon and Lite version is in the works.
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    That looks like all kinds of fun! Look forward to the iphone version!
    That's what *she* said!

    QS :D

    Dr. Sam Beckett never returned home...

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    iPhone version is on my To Do list.
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    Grab some PROMOS, guys! I need the reviews (or at least ratings!)

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    Hey thanks!

    Appreciate it!
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