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Ghoullery - Available in the App Store (PROMOS)

LifireLifire Posts: 9Member
edited November -1 in Announce Your Game!
Hey Guys,

Promo Ad:

My first app is now available on the App Store. Ghoullery is a creative monster mix and match style game that goes above and beyond the simple "triple slider" mixer that is popular on the App Store. You literally drag and drop monster parts to create the ultimate ghoul, and when you're done, we let you frame it up for a screenshot to send to your friends or use as your device background or wallpaper.


As Halloween approaches, the ghouls are begging to be assembled. You have the power to give these goofy ghouls life, so put your lab coats on and prepare yourselves for a ghoulishly good time!


*Monster-rific graphics, with full Retina display support

*8 zany monster skeletons awaiting your touch

*More than 1.21 gobzillion possible creatures

*Stickerbook - let your creative demons get to work, and make your own monsters in this free play mode

*Hauntingly hilarious randomize button

*Portrait Ghoullery - take a picture of your spooky specters!

A few promo codes (all I ask is that you post an honest review of the game :), and if these run out and you are interested, PM me for a code):


Thanks again to the community for all of their help and support!


  • MixelMixel Posts: 32Member
    Congrats. :) My daughter loves this stuff and i played with your web version a bit. I was impressed with the flexibility and weird stuff you can make. :) I've bought it for her iPod. Promo codes don't work here!

    I love the weird non human skeleton shapes, some of the resulting creatures stentor stuff of nightmares lol.

    How quick was the approval turnaround? I'm hoping my app makes it in before Halloween too but I'm not holding my breath!
  • LifireLifire Posts: 9Member
    Thanks for the comments and purchase, Mixel!

    If only GameSalad had dynamic save/load attributes (meaning string concatenation in key values), I could have made at least 40 skeleton templates to play around with in my time frame.

    Ghoullery was waiting for review for 6 business days, in review for 1, and placed on the App Store just a couple hours later.

    For future reference (and it might be a hassle), I read somewhere that if you are in another country, there is a way to log in to the US iTunes store to use promo codes. I'll see if I can't dig that up for you :).

    Edit: Here you go, (see the bottom of the post)
  • TyvanTyvan Posts: 29Member
    Those screenshots look amazing dude.
    I hope you sell BOOkoos!!
  • CaptainChocoCaptainChoco Posts: 124Member, BASIC
    I took AHLM7ALWPE4R.
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