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What are new rules in game salad ? ( please read important)

krenisiskrenisis Posts: 18Member
Hello Iam krenisis . I been using game editor to make games , but it seems incompatible with iphone. I spent 2 years learning that system , and now I have to learn another 1 for making games. Before I start deticating myself to this system , I have a couple of questions

1) Can I sell my games independently , compile the bundle myself under xcode , or is this publisher only model ?

2) Does gamessalad have any problems compiling with xcode ios4.1 ?

3) If anyone has the time , can they link me to demos or itune links to free game salad games? for testing ?

Thank you for your time and patience . I am going through a difficult time because I deticated myself so much to game editro and it doesnt work. I have made games for windows mobile and have a website deticated to my windows mobile games. I see more opportunity in iphone/ipod/ipad/ market . The lik to my site is here as you can see I have a good fan base there and look forward to having the same here and on iphone as a whole. Thanks for reading this and thanks for any help the is given.


  • RattleheadRattlehead Posts: 485Member
    1) Nope. The new model, as far as we know today, will be publisher-only for those that are new to the product and currently don't have an existing license.

    2) Not to the best of my knowledge. I've made at least a dozen builds to the new iOS with no issues. Perhaps others can post their experiences...

    3) Unfortunately I don't have time but look to see if you can find demos for Red Block Remover, Bumps! and anything from Fire Maple Games... there are simply too many out there despite what the naysayers like to complain about. Every engine has junk out there...

    As for testing, if you have downloaded the demo, check out the templates.

    Good luck!
  • krenisiskrenisis Posts: 18Member
    Thanks alot for your reply , if this is publisher only then I cannot use it. Hopefully the leader of game salad changes his mind. Bigger companies than this disappeared when forcing people to thier ways , its customer 1st.
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