Easter eggs

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I thought that it'd be nice to start a light and pleasant topic, to get rid of any bad emotions from last two (?) weeks (you know, all these things about GS Direct etc.).

Do you place any easter eggs in your games? Like hidden Pamela Anderson's swimsuit from "Baywatch", two-headed cow from Fallout or even your birthday date?
Maybe you would like to reveal some secrets from your games?

In my upcoming game (I will post more info in Monday or Thursday), every non-important number (like numbers on boxes) is a birthday date of me or someone from my family, or some other important date.

Hope to hear something from you :)


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    While I haven't yet, after thinking about it some as recently as last night/this morning, I am thinking about doing something along those lines. Not sure what but it will probably pay homage to something that I care about and the other 99.8% of Earths population knows nothing about.
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    Attack of the Kraken has:

    Superman's crashed spaceship
    The Death Star
    The crashed ship from Alien
    The space station from 2001
    The island from Lost
    The research base from 'The Thing'
    The military base modelled on the one found in Konami's 'Green Beret' game

    They're all put in as an 'homage' to the originals - very cartoony to fit the style of the game ;)

    The update to Kraken (incoming!) has a whole new level based on Nulo's wonderful 'Poodle Invasion' game. It's awesome! :D

    QS :D

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    Tigerfish have a retro surprise at level 13! :-)
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    I Was thinking the same, will start making eastern Eggs on my future proyects!
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