What Software Did You Use To Make Your Website!?

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I'm interested in knowing what software people use,

And I extremely wanna know what software FireMapleGames has been using , his website rocks!


  • IsabelleKIsabelleK Member, Sous Chef Posts: 2,807
    You just need FrontPage and you can do anything.
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    MarcinMakaj said:
    You just need FrontPage and you can do anything.

    I liked FrontPage. It was great software that was simple and quick to use. It would change your HTML code automatically, causing much frustration, but I simply turned that option off. I liked how I could quickly toggle between WYSIWYG, code and preview modes. When the software was discontinued, I switched to Dreamweaver. I hate it.

    But lately, I use WordPress / Artisteer. If I need to mess with the code manually I'll use gedit (Mac) or Notepad++ (Windows) to make changes. Having a Content Management System changes the way I create websites. It's not just a bunch of flat HTML files anymore.
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    FMG's looks like WordPress; although either way, if you're going for that look, WordPress is a good way to get it. :)
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    I would go with WordPress; but if you have Windows installed too, and the time, then get "WYSIWYG Web Builder". It is awesome software, and more powerful than iWeb.
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