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TIP: How to Make a Beta Version of an App.

VoidedSkyVoidedSky Posts: 1,095Member
There has been many questions on the forums about beta testing your app, and questions on how to use the provisioning portal, so I created this short guide on how to make a Beta version of your app.

Hope it helps!

Go Here:

Log in

On the right hand side, click on iOS Provisioning Portal

Add The UDIDs of the test devices in the "Devices" tab

Create and App ID (1 Per App)

Click on the "Provisioning" tab

Click on the "Distribution" subset tab in the "Provisioning" tab

Create a new profile

Choose Ad Hoc as your Distribution method

Name it

Choose the App ID

Select Devices


Download the profile

Drag the profile over Xcode

Publish the app in GS

Select the provisioning profile from the drop-down list

Send Beta testers the .app file, and the .mobileprovision file

Import both the .app file, and the .mobileprovision file into iTunes

VISTA BETA TESTERS: If the app comes in a .zip, DON'T use the built in un-zipper, it will corrupt the files. Download a 3rd party un-zipper.

I hope this helps anyone who needs it!

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