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I was testing beta build on my iPhone 3G, and I noticed that scene changing is pretty slow (I mean - loading time is quite long (about 5-6 sec)). Is there any way to decrease scene loading time?

I read and applied to advices from support page.

Could you also tell me something (or give some links) about an application decreasing images sizes? I read about it somewhere on the forum, but I can't find it. Could this decrease loading time in my game? Would it change the quality of my images down?

Thank you very much.


  • POMPOM Member Posts: 2,599
    hey there,
    i dont think that decreasing images sizes will give better performance, you can reduce the file size with "imageOptim " app, google it , it does good job, no quality lost!

    However, you can reduce ram usage in the game by making smaller images, (in pixels) and stick to the lower rule of 2, i had lots of 600 pixel images in my last game and i changed the to 512,
    still looks great for me, and reduces ram a lot!

    as for general performance, i'd say make all non spawned actor instances and delete the rules from the prototype, (dont forget to back up the file before the changes)
    and use Self.time instead of using timers (if you can)..

    hope it helps

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