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Anyone want to sell their membership?

syncdinsyncdin Posts: 31Member
edited November -1 in Miscellaneous
Anyone interested in selling their express or pro membership? (with at least 2 months left.) Please let me know, thanks!


  • dee99dee99 Posts: 100Member
    What price range? 500$??
  • syncdinsyncdin Posts: 31Member
    Thanks for the reply.

    Maybe just express then, unless someone wants to sell their pro for $200 or less.

    Express: Number of months left x $9.00
  • dee99dee99 Posts: 100Member
    I would not sell my express for less than 250... even though I bought it for 100

    Because you are now unable to buy any memberships
  • Rob2Rob2 Posts: 2,402Member
    I would very much like the opportunity to extend my express membership which runs out in a couple of weeks...
  • POLYGAMePOLYGAMe Posts: 3,470Member
    I'd sell mine if Gendai didn't mind... would need to check that. About 6 months left, I think. I don't need it, I'll just use GS Direct when it's available as I no longer have an Apple Dev account.
  • syncdinsyncdin Posts: 31Member
    Tshirtbooth, Sent you an email. Thanks.
  • POLYGAMePOLYGAMe Posts: 3,470Member
    Ah, tshirt! I didn't recognise you! LOL.
  • syncdinsyncdin Posts: 31Member

    Thanks for the reply, I sent them an email a few days ago, but didn't hear back. I'll contact GS again to see if they're allowing it still.
  • Rob2Rob2 Posts: 2,402Member
    whats your email again Poly?
  • SparkyidrSparkyidr Posts: 2,033Member
    hah... it's the gamesalad black market

    love it

  • expired_012expired_012 Posts: 1,802Member
    Oh and if there's any pro users I will pay $100 for someone to compile my app with my own splash screen and then to send it over, anyone?
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