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Timer + Animation Error

stevefanstevefan Posts: 3Member
edited November -1 in Tech Support
I use a Timer with an Animation in It!

I use the method Every, but the Animation couldn't play success, is there any problem!


  • DetheDethe Posts: 172Member
    Hmm... It should work because I don't see why not?
    Maybe you should delete that rule and start a new rule or something like that.

    Sorry if that was not helpful!!!
  • stevefanstevefan Posts: 3Member
    I don't know how to post Image,

    There is no rule , just a timer which is used to play animation!
  • CodeMonkeyCodeMonkey Posts: 1,803Head Chef, Member, PRO
    Here is the problem with that:

    Your Animate behavior has a set of frames/images to go through. It does not have a specific duration of how long to run that animation, only settings to say either loop, how fast to go through images, and whether to reset the image back to the image it started on.

    Now with the Timer behavior, when you use the Every setting that mean to start the behaviors it contains every X seconds. In this manner, it does not give a duration of how long to run the behaviors it contains, only when to start them. Now, if you used the For setting, that will give a duration of how long to run the behaviors it contains.

    Summary: what you would want to do is have the Timer with Every X seconds, then inside that, another Timer with For X seconds (run to completion). Then inside that Timer behavior, add your Animate behavior.
  • stevefanstevefan Posts: 3Member
    Thanks CodeMonkey!
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