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A Message to the GameSalad Community



  • jasongreenojasongreeno Posts: 23Member
    This would be a fantastic Friday if we heard/saw something...
  • RHRH Posts: 1,079Member
    Sparkyidr said:Also, they have only said they are announcing the new sub tiers, and not the actual software update ;o)

    Actually, they did say that they would be launching 0.9 concurrently with the change to subscription and said that they would be launching the new tiers 'next week'. Today is the last work day so hopefully we should be seeing something :) Then again, they have been working weekends as well. I'm defo looking forward to it though!
  • LordTarantorLordTarantor Posts: 890Member, PRO
    Yes GS now that you are working on communication, please dont let us hanging over here waiting for something if you already know that its not going to be today. Just let us know if it is or if it is not going to be today so the speculations and frustrating comments ends. Because if you think that all the comments and lack of patience its getting old, that is only from your end. For us, What is getting old is the waiting.
  • azavegaazavega Posts: 362Member
    So... Nothing yet... I thought I was publishing my game today lol...
    Nope... please don't let us hanging over here...
    at least an answer...
  • ChaserChaser Posts: 1,453Member
  • outsidethebyteoutsidethebyte Posts: 115Member
    I am really excited and I'm sure that a ton of work has gone into this project! Can't wait for the release! But I would really like some more information... I've been waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and .....
  • IsabelleKIsabelleK Posts: 2,807Member, Sous Chef
    ... and waiting :P
  • outsidethebyteoutsidethebyte Posts: 115Member
    .... and still waiting. :(
  • jasongreenojasongreeno Posts: 23Member
    This sucks.

    [off to Dagobah to get some answers]
  • cartercarter Posts: 133Member
    Thank God. Thanks for the news I ve bees wondering bout this
  • RattleheadRattlehead Posts: 485Member
    jasongreeno said:
    This sucks.

    [off to Dagobah to get some answers]

    Avoid any dark caves that reek of malevolent Force energy...
  • JamesBoucherJamesBoucher Posts: 433Member
    Lot of happy people... I'm holding my happiness until GS actually makes an announcement.
  • LordTarantorLordTarantor Posts: 890Member, PRO
    Carter are you using the DeLorean?
    Hey guys I thought it was my turn to use it.
    Common people... just a simple rule... I am supposed to be next... I know some of you have use twice.
    It work... Ask tshirtbooth... a couple of guys used the DeLorran to see how successful tshirt was going to be with he's GS helper site and now all of them decided to make a site too...
  • TobyToby Posts: 478Member
    Lot of happy people... I'm holding my happiness until GS actually makes an announcement.

    Do you do that with your left or right hand?
  • JoeMeisterJoeMeister Posts: 602Member
    Does anybody know if GS is still considering to post/upload our games/Apps through their site.
    This would help a lot cause its a real Nightmare to get your App onto Apples site.
  • JoeMeisterJoeMeister Posts: 602Member
    Yodapollo said:
    Hello all.

    I noticed some people were asking about publishing and if we were doing away with the idea entirely. Not at all. I can tell you that there will still be opportunities to have your games published through GameSalad and those opportunities will go live together with the new membership options.

    That's GREAT NEWS. Tried with the help of a Member here to publish to the iTunes store and never got it done...what a Nightmare.

    Thanks for the continued comments and glad to hear so many of you are so excited. The team here is incredible jazzed about this direction for GameSalad and we're working very hard to get it ready for you as soon as possible.


  • rdcuberdcube Posts: 361Member
    I think next week it'll be officially 4 weeks since the whole 'GSDirect' thing; which means they have gone through the legal 30 day notice before making any changes.
  • gamefans1985gamefans1985 Posts: 3Member
    "For those of you who valued having GameSalad manage the publishing process, GameSalad will still offer to publish some titles under a different program. "
    who can explain this to me,my english is not good.thx
  • FreiGamesFreiGames Posts: 158Member
    gamefans1985 said:
    "For those of you who valued having GameSalad manage the publishing process, GameSalad will still offer to publish some titles under a different program. "
    who can explain this to me,my english is not good.thx

    If you do not want to pay. GameSalad will put your game on the AppStore for you!
    Get it now?
  • steve86steve86 Posts: 806Member
    Do you guys have a fix release date for GameSalad 0.9.0? I need to test my game on my iphone ASAP but I cant right now because I not a member and cant buy membership until 0.9.0 its released..

    Thank you
  • revsterrevster Posts: 18Member
    I'm also eager to know when I will be able to purchase GameSalad professional.

    Funny thing is, I actually found out about GameSalad from the Corona website after having purchased the Full Version of Corona... and and after seeing GameSalad and many of its powerful features I was convinced that I wanted to also develop apps using GameSalad.

    I am very impressed with GameSalad's features and how It can really streamline the development process. It is very impressive how it blends a from of visual programming with ones artistic mindset to create great applications.

    I do come from a programming background, and I think Gendai games is on the right track as I can defiantly see the future of software development try to integrate features that game GameSalad has pioneered perhaps follow the direction that Gendai has paved. A path that others will surely try to emulate.

    GameSalad could become the tool of choice for both Novices and Professionals alike, I imagine it could turn out to be associated with app development just like Photoshop is associated with image editing.

    I think it was a good move to allow a professional version, it's a separate market, it looks like Gendai is going to cater to both markets, allowing new users to create the content they want with the help they need while still keeping in mind the Professional app developer who would seek other alternatives if they are not allowed to publish apps themselves.

    Anyway, I'm eager to hear when I can purchase a GameSalad Professional!
  • revsterrevster Posts: 18Member
  • hdeandahdeanda Posts: 55Member, PRO
  • hdeandahdeanda Posts: 55Member, PRO
  • hdeandahdeanda Posts: 55Member, PRO
    For GameSalad and it's users! Can't wait for the update!

    How to add youtube video here?
  • hdeandahdeanda Posts: 55Member, PRO
  • WeswogWeswog Posts: 1,171Member
    Just copy and paste the regular link :)

    Cheers, Weswog
  • hdeandahdeanda Posts: 55Member, PRO
    For GameSalad!

  • CodeMonkeyCodeMonkey Posts: 1,803Head Chef, Member, PRO
    @revster Sorry if it hasn't been yellow posted earlier, but welcome to GameSalad.
  • Maybe I missed something was 0.90 announced?

    Hasn't it been almost 2 weeks now since the - coming this week announcement?

    Has something changed? Is this still the plan? Does any one have an update? Did I miss an email?

    I have to say my gamesalad experience is not going the way my team expected.

    I really only have 1 question now. Will the update come before December 10th in time for a christmas app release?
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