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Ꙭ Hamster Havoc - Family Puzzle and Physics Ꙭ

beefy_clyrobeefy_clyro Posts: 5,390Member
After working for what feels like forever i finally have my latest title 'Hamster Havoc' go live.

Hamster Havoc has 60 levels across 3 game modes resulting in fun for the whole family.

Introducing Herman the Hamster. Help Herman reach his goal through the following;

Automatic – Help Herman to reach the goal by covering potential hazards that allow him to proceed. Hazards can be covered and Herman ‘will not see them’. Be careful though, you can’t hide everything you see!

Blockout – Remove blocks and generate momentum in helping Herman to his target. Solve the puzzles of reaching the target in this fun filled physics section.

Pathfinder – Herman gets stuck in mazes, help him to find the correct path out.

Hamster Havoc is a puzzle game full of physics aimed at the whole family.

iTunes link -

TA thread -

If you would like a promo then please provide your email and i'll get one over to you.

I plan to submit the iPad version this weekend :)
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