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I want to start making Iphone applications but I see that I can't because I am not a full member. But I cant become a full member because they are changing that process. Also where should I begin learning how to use Gamesalad? It reminds me of scratch a bit.


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    You can make games just not publish them yet you will be able to in about a week (hopefully) You can download the game making software on the website. Check out the wiki's and youtube.

    Tshirtbooth is about to launch a service which will include complete walkthroughs on how to make certain things :) GShelper

    Hope this helps.
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    Oh that sounds great :)
    So I still able to make Iphone games, just not publish them?
    Is there anything different from web games than iphone games?
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    Yes and hopefully a new version of the software :) You have joined at a great time :)
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    Awesome! Thanks for your help :)
    Im going through all of your videos tshirtbooth, very helpful!
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    tshirtbooth said:
    I plan to have 30-50 NEW videos for the launch of

    Wow, that's excellent. :-)

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    And i was counting down the hours....not that im complaining about 30+ videos!
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