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I know I haven't been present much at all for a long time here, but in case anyone hadn't experienced it yet I thought I'd say.

With all thats going on with GameSalad Direct I assume this is related. A good few months (as far as I remember, haha) before my membership runs out I just received an email with the following:

Your GameSalad "Express" Membership Program has been activated


Thank you for upgrading your GameSalad Membership!

Here's what to do next:

- Activate GameSalad Creator,
- Download GameSalad Viewer from the Portfolio Manager,
- Read the GameSalad Membership FAQ,
- Read the iPhone Publishing Tutorials,
- If you're new, introduce yourself on our forums,

We look forward to seeing what you create!

Sincerest thanks,
The GameSalad Team

GameSalad®. Feed your inner game designer?.

If you think this was sent in error, or someone has been abusing
the GameSalad sharing system, please let us know here:

Interesting. Something to do with the transition into GameSalad direct? Who knows? Or perhaps its me being silly and not realising my membership ran out. Do they automatically renew your membership?

Im sure more will unfold in the coming week or two.


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