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Tshirtbooth.. Please save me from tearing my hair out!

SaveDaveSaveDave Posts: 140Member
edited November -1 in Working with GS (Mac)
Hi, I have been working on a game for quite a while now and I have got a stage where I am completely stuck.... I have tried everything to get this working and it just won't!

Please, please, please could I send you my game thus far to see if you can see what I have done wrong..?

I'd really appreciate it as I feel I may go bald if this continues!! Lol

Thank you.

P.s, this game is top secret at the moment and I have enough trust to pass this on to you.


  • SaveDaveSaveDave Posts: 140Member
    No problem... I know it will be a quick fix as I have made a second game template with it working and something in the real one is stopping the same thing working that works in the template one.

    Thank you.

    I will send across when I get home..

    Much appreciated
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