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I'm Max, I studied in level design and have a lot of experience making games using other programs and working in teams, but I'm not very confortable with GameSalad yet. It seem like it's so simplistic that I can't get what I want done easily and I'm really not used to how it works. So I'm looking for someone who is comfortable with GameSalad programming to get some relatively simple games made.

I would be designing the game(s), with your imput of course, and I would handle the level design, graphics and audio. If there's a specific game idea you want done, I'm open to discuss and brainstorm on any concept.

We would need to discuss the amount of work each of us is making, but I was thinking of splitting the profits 50/50. It would be really nice to work with someone using MSN, ideally someone actively online.

Some of my games:

If you're interrested of have any question, contact me:


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    To be honest I think if you pick up a book such as the unofficial gamesalad textbook you will certainly pick up a lot. Do you have any games you are basing your games around? If you need any help just post a thread on the forum and people will help you out and tshirtbooth offers a for hire service for anything really complicated.

    If you need any help I can try and help you out.
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    There is no game like the prototype I'm currently working on, but I also have a few games in mind similar to existing games I would like to make (those that seemed appropriate to make easily with the GameSalad engine)

    It's also fun (sometime frustrating but also fun) to work in team. But if I don't find a partner I will indeed ask to this community on specific stuff and probably contact you for questions so thanks a lot for the offer.

    I was able to program the main gameplay engine of my game, i just have hard time adding simple stuff in the game but learning GS more in depth will make this become less frustrating and faster. I'm really used of being able to use a coding language and more functions so these long list of drag and drop kinda intimidate me. I should probably study GS a bit more before trying to add features in the game.

    I might also check that book out so thanks for the link.
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    Yes, I just think as you are obviously a talented artist that you can do this by yourself :) I will help you with projects if you want.

    What kind of things were you looking to implement?

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    Help would certainly be appreciated :D I was actually trying to implement very simple stuff and couldn't make it work.

    I was trying to add special ability upgrades to my hero but had problems with a lot of little functions.

    For example, If I want to change size of hero, I found no way to set a specific size for the sprite but only add/remove size, so the only way I can imagine to set specific sizes is making it work with timers.

    Also had problem with timers. If I want to make my hero's density to 10 for 5 seconds the only way i found is to basically set the density for 5 seconds on contact with the powerup (and destroy powerup object in contact with the hero), then after 5 seconds set it back to 1. But I had issues of making it work and tried multiple ways of doing it, checking "execute to completion", use "when" timer instead of "for" 5 seconds, etc.
    My guess is that the second timer won't activate since I put it in contact event and i destroyed that powerup object on contact so I need to set a custom variable that will make the second timer work but I couldn't make that work either. I'm not sure this make much sens XD
    I probably just need to understand the logic of GS' rules/conditions/timeline since everything i code lead to unexpected results.

    Anyways, I could post more details of my codes but I guess i should do this in a proper topic section.
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    In the demo's section there is one called change actor when with power up or something like that :L

    For your second problem would changing the alpha to 0 help?

    Sorry im not the greatest to help you :L
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    PossesiveGaming said:
    To be honest I think if you pick up a book such as the unofficial gamesalad textbook you will certainly pick up a lot.

    Heh, unsolicited testimonial.

    Here's a link to The Unofficial GameSalad Textbook. If you can learn how to use GameSalad, get it to make the game that you want, then you don't need to share the profit with a programmer.
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    @Kasper---i've seen that game on, i like it alot!
    For sizing hero, what i do is use the interpolate. Something like this
    If power up=true then INTERPOLATE self.size.height to 250 duration=1 function = linear
    do same for self.size.width, for interesting effect i sometimes interpolate the width a different amount. Sometimes i also interpolate the alpha down to 0, so it grows big but fades at same time.
    I always have a game controller actor that controls scoring and such. In there i have a rule:
    If power up=true
    TIMER after 5 seconds
    interpolate everything back to original size then set power up to false.
    If you grab the unofficial gamesalad book, that would help you alot.
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    I looked ip interpolate in the book earlier and was going to post it....beaten to it!
  • daverennerdaverenner Member Posts: 133
    I love interpolate!
  • DimensionGamesDimensionGames PRO Posts: 993
    Iv only just started using it but it seems amazing!
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    OMG you made Saut? I love that game dude! ;)
  • kapserkapser Member Posts: 458
    Glad you liked saut :). It might be ported, but the version I made with GS was not exactly what i wanted so I'm focusing on making games using GameSalad's awesome physics. XD

    Anyways, these suggestions help me a lot for my other game, I didn't know about interpolate.
    Thank you very much guys!
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