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Artist looking for a collaboration

K.EK.E Posts: 2Member

Im a freelance illustrator from Sweden and Im currently looking for someone who can do the technical part for a simple space shooter game. I would do the backgrounds and design the hero spaceship, enemies, explosions and perhaps a boss + a start menu.

The game would have a very basic idea. Just travel trough a landscape and shoot down enemies.
and avoid getting hit. It would also need a point counter, life counter and a timer.
I have many music contacts in electronic dance music so I can arrange with a good theme song.

There is no money involved in this but It could end up as a great looking space shooter and perhaps a possibility to develope a bgiger project later on.

Here is two links to se my visual style.


If you are skilled on creating rules and interested in a collaboration just respond to coctailclub(at) or on the forum.


  • scitunesscitunes Posts: 4,047Member, Sous Chef
    GS makes coding a game very quick and easy. I would think you would be able to use GS yourself to make a game like the one you describe in no time.

    I would dig in and give it a try - I think you'll find that it is easier than you realize.
  • hrsmediahrsmedia Posts: 522Member
    This demo might be a good place to start -
  • K.EK.E Posts: 2Member
    Yes, that game is the basics to what I want to achieve but adding music and a high detailed environment + enemies that attack and more action overall. I know its a simple idea, but with the right feel I think it can be really nice game experience. Perhaps it would be more suitble to the ipad to get a bigger screensize.
  • vegasmike1vegasmike1 Posts: 192Member

    I saw your site so its obvious you are a great artist. I pad might also be the place to start, its market is growing and you can sell less while still making a good profit. If you need some assistance or a partner, shoot me an email at [email protected] I would be happy to collaborate. I have done a few shooters already so I have a lot of code that might work just fine.

  • cartercarter Posts: 133Member
    Hey I would love to do this project. Email me at [email protected]
    I've been using game salad for about a year. Thanks have a good day
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