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best graphic / art software to use with gamesalad - free?

Just looking for ideas on the best software graphic editor or creation software to use with gamesalad? Free would be great but willing to spend money. Any input would be great.



  • JohnPapiomitisJohnPapiomitis Posts: 6,256Member
    Im you want free go with gimp and inkscape. Basically almost equivlant to photoshop and illustrator. Also ive heard art text is extremly good, but ive never messed around with it personally though.
  • forkliftforklift Posts: 386Member
    Gimp does the job, but its interface is archaic if you're used to the adobe suite.
  • IsabelleKIsabelleK Posts: 2,807Member, Sous Chef
    I used small program for Windows, that my friend bought in the past - ArtGem ( Graphic editor made for game developers. Unfortunately you cannot buy it anymore (but there still is a 30 day trial on the Internet).

    You can see my game's graphics here:
    And here:

    I really recommend this software!
  • DhondonDhondon Posts: 717Member
    I use Photoline...a lot!! Great alternative to Photoshop at 1/100 of the price:)
  • IsabelleKIsabelleK Posts: 2,807Member, Sous Chef
    Now it is for iPhone and iPod Touch. iPad version will be available in one month time.
    Yes, it's a classic point&click adventure game (like The Secret of Grisly Manor), but it's more story-oriented. I think that the best description of the game is: some kind of mix between Rise of The Dragon:

    and 1112 by Agharta Studios, in the urban fantasy world with touch of City-17 from Half-Life 2.

    I think it will be available next week!
  • whity7whity7 Posts: 58Member
    I too need a good software. I have photoshop and Pixen but I have a hard time getting the type of graphics. Anyone know how to make graphics like in GraalOnline Classic+ cuz I want to make an RPG.
  • SnowSnow Posts: 124Member
    Programs I use:
    MyPaint Paint like you physically would. Incredible brushes.
    Pencil Classical animators dream. Excellent interface for noobies.
    Chaos Chrystal This is useful for making any window (program) transparent. I use this if I want to copy animated frames that I drew with Pencil. I just make Flash semi-transparent and put it in front of Pencil and voila. I can trace frame by frame. Also if you want to do pixel art and you want to pixelize a reference pic, you can make your program that you are pixeling in semi-transparent and then have your reference image behind.
    Inkscape This is the freeware alternative for Illustrator. It's a vector graphics tool and great at doing almost anything that Illustrator can do. If for instance you can't afford flash, you can use Inkscape to make the same artwork (though the methods are a bit different and take some getting used to.)
  • CaptainChocoCaptainChoco Posts: 124Member, BASIC
    This tool is not a free editor but really great. Especially preset brush and stickers!
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