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8,16 or 32 bit which one?

AbrigaitoAbrigaito Posts: 44Member
I searched the forum, but there was no post giving info about it, only sizes and DPI. So, which one should I use when I create my images? Does gamesalad have a preference on one of these?


  • EdwardFEdwardF Posts: 27Member
    You would be well served to use the *lowest* bit-value that will serve the need of the graphic in question.

    For instance, a "Red Ball" that contains only red, and shades of red to create the highlights and shadows, would best be rendered in 8bit (or less), because there's probably less than 100 colors in such an image.

    For photographic backgrounds, 16 to 24bit would be best, unless some dithering can accomplish what you want in 8-bit.

    I can think of no reason to use 32bit, as the color gamut exceeds to eye's capability to differentiate between neighboring colors at that range anyway.

    32-bit mainly used to increase color space, when scaling and rotating colors to *display* in 24bit.

    I'm not even sure that Gamesalad can accurately display 32bit images.
  • AbrigaitoAbrigaito Posts: 44Member
    Ok thanks for the answer.
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